Economic / White Collar

Fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, counterfeiting, identity theft, bribery, corruption, cybercrime and other allegations of ‘white collar’ or commercial crimes can be the most complex cases an individual or company can face. These types of charges can be criminal in nature or regulatory and the investigations can last years, producing enough material to fill a library.

If you are charged with a ‘white collar’ offence, are concerned you may be charged, or want general advice on compliance, then you need diligent and tireless counsel to navigate these difficult areas of law. Even if you or your company is a victim of one of these offences it will often be advisable to consult with a lawyer to protect yourself – most offences where a company is involved are committed by an insider and require both legal and strategic planning to effectively manage exposure.

‘White collar’ crime is on the rise in Canada and there are always new manifestations and methods being discovered. Law enforcement and regulatory bodies regularly apply new or updated methods to their investigations. Parliament and the courts are always reacting to new technology and the law itself evolves in turn. The lawyer you need knows all this. Regularly practicing in these areas of law, our office stays on top of the latest developments in the law, technology, and investigations of ‘white collar’ criminal and regulatory offences. Don’t be passive, be defended.