Violent Crime

Allegations of violent crimes can range from a simple push to homicide. The low end will often lead to minimal jeopardy. However, as the level of seriousness escalates so do the stakes. Serious violent offences can carry maximum penalties of life imprisonment. When an adult is convicted, sexual offences will include Sex Offender Information Registry orders. Manslaughter can lead to anything from probation to a life sentence. Murder automatically comes with a life sentence without parole for 10-25 years depending on whether it is first or second degree and the particulars of the given case. Aggravated assault, assault with a weapon or causing bodily harm, sexual offences, kidnapping, forcible confinement, taking hostages, or any other number of possible charges fall between the two extremes and have many possible outcomes.

Serious violent offences, and perhaps sexual offences in particular, can also carry significant social stigma often very publicly. When you or a family member is charged, even if subsequently acquitted, the process of defending an allegation can be taxing emotionally and confusing to understand. It is important to have counsel prepared to take the time to explain the entire process to you, to your family as well if you wish, and what to expect at every stage. You must be certain you are receiving the attention you deserve to defend your case and you have to be confident that your lawyer will fight for you without fear. You should also be satisfied that while your lawyer will protect your interests to the fullest extent of the law they will maintain a practical perspective.

Lawyers in our office regularly defend all varieties of serious violent cases from the ones you never hear about to national headlines. We work together closely with our clients, on all cases, to achieve the best possible result every time. Contact us to learn more